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Our journey

      Our association "Tehani et les enfants Phelan-McDermid " chose the Tiare Apetahi flower for its logo to symbolize the fight of the young Tehani and her Phelan-McDermid friends. The white flower of Tiare Apetahi is endemic to the island of Raiatea, in the South Pacific archipelago, in French Polynesia. This flower is one of the rarest flower in the world like the Phelan-McDermid syndrome and it only grows on Mount Temehani. The Tiare Apetahi flower on our logo is surrounded by two tikis representing Tehani's parents, it rests on a beautiful central pillar representing all the volunteers and community with big hearts that help us. The surroundings of the Tiare Apetahi flower symbolize the positive and negative moments that we encounter in life. Children with Phelan-McDermid syndrome are represented within the letters of the first name of TEHANI.

We are very grateful to the very talented artist Jean-Christophe Tauira, for creating our logo


Our logo: The endemic, rare and threatened Tiare Apetahi flower.

Tehani et les enfants Phelan McDermid
Tiare apetahi

This flower presents some of our events since 2014 but we have many other events to present to you: Find them here in the news and events to come or  our reports of past events

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