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22q13 Phelan McDermid France
22q13 Phelan McDermid France

Tea Paraurahi has dedicated his life to the Polynesian music. "TEA Child of the Pacific 987" is a singer, musician, composer who is passionate about Polynesian culture.

Find Tea Paraurahi on youtube

Teheiura Teahui is a chef and television personality. Teheiura became known to the general public in 2011 during his participations to the Television series Koh-Lanta. He also participated in Fort Boyard, Ninja Warrior, and École Aventure. He is the author of two books "Culinary Adventures" published in 2014 and "The soul of an adventurer " published in 2020 by Au vent des îles.

Official site:

Discover Tea Paraurahi on France Polynesia 1


Discover Teheiura Teahui on France Polynesia 1


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